Sinar lanTec

The Workflow-Oriented Camera System

The Sinar arTec and lanTec models fit seamlessly in the universal Sinar System and they allow a simple workflow with maximal flexibility. An investment that pays for itself!  The t wo S inar c amera s ystems f eature excellent user friendliness and precision that is evident trough the superb image quality. The Sinar software encompasses unique tools that are particularly useful in architectural applications and that provide optimal support for the workflow of the architectural photographer. The Sinar arTec has the same mechanical interface as current medium format cameras and the Sliding Adapter of the Sinar p3 view camera. That makes it easy to adapt all digital backs to change from an architectural- to a medium format- and to a view camera. In addition, many accessories from the universal Sinar System can also be used on the Sinar arTec and lanTec cameras.

Professional Camera Systems for Landscape- and
Architectural Photography

Mobile Sinar camera Systems establish standards in digital photography. Never before have camera systems been tailored so accurately to the particular requirements of professional architectural- and landscape photography. The results of intensive market survey are evident in every aspect. With its two camera models arTec and lanTec, Sinar offers two mobile camera systems that stand out for their superb manufacturing quality and precision. These unsurpassed precision mechanical masterpieces are the result of decades of experience in the meticulous manufacture of premium products for high-end photography. The perfect harmonization of highly precise mechanical components and advanced optics lead to images with unsurpassed detail sharpness.

Sinar lanTec

Thanks to its ergonomically shaped handles, the Sinar lanTec is immediately recognizable as a professional mobile camera solution. The balanced handling of the Sinar lanTec enables the photographer to create images of the highest quality, even in handheld operation, and this gives the Sinar lanTec a broad field of applications. The Apple iPhone and iPod touch can be connected to serve as viewfinders that provide brilliant images for composing and focusing.

Technical Data

Camera Caracteristics

  • Shift range: +25/-15 mm vertikally, +20/-20 mm horizontally
  • Leveling aids: 1 crcular spirit level for all axes
  • Viewing aids: Bright focusing screen with flexible 3-fold magnifier (optional)
  • Digital back interface: Sinar, Mamyia and Hasselblad V/H-Schnittstelle
  • Tripod interface:  360° rotating mount with a  3/8″ thread
  • Dimensions: 20 x 19 x 7 cm
  • Weight: 1,1 kg
  • Lenses: Sinaron CEF 23 – 135mm

Product Range

Sinar lanTec H (
Sinar lanTec R (493.23.005)