Sinar p3-df (digital focus)

The Sinar p3 camera is the perfect tool for every digital photographer: High precision, self-locking drives and handiness of the operating elements – like the Sinar p2 -, however, thanks to its smaller size, its adjustment for the use of the Sinarback digital backs and its integrated cabling, the Sinar p3 is the ideal camera for digital photography.

Optimized for Digital Photography
The new fine focus feature of the Sinar p3-df offers perfect and precise focusing with amazing high-end digital studio photography convenience. Fine focus accuracy improved by 30%.

Optimized for Digital Input
Digital imaging technology has revolutionized photography. Compared to conventional film of the same size, small sensor surfaces can record far more image information. Yet the creative fundamentals of photography have not changed. In view camera photography especially, this includes the capability of achieving desired pictorial effects with the judicious positioning of planes of sharpness and with optical perspective correction. Sinar has been a leader in the manufacture of view cameras for more than 50 years and is proud to have more than 10 years of experience as the leading supplier of high-end digital cameras.

Man as the measure of things
Sinar has succeeded in optimally combining the precision of the Sinar p line of cameras with the digital input of Sinarback digital backs. Thanks to a coupling frame that is 30% smaller, the imaging surfaces of Sinarback digital backs are optimally suited for swings and tilts. The self-locking drives allow highly precise focusing – the camera accurately maintains the settings. The human hand served as the reference guide for the size, shape and handiness of the operating elements, for smooth and precise work even in darkened rooms. Practical new ergonomic locks allow easy and quick changing of lenses, bellows and digital backs by just pressing them with a finger. Visual design elements give the Sinar p3 a trendy appearance.

Practical accessories
The adjustment settings and ranges of the new Sinar p3 view camera are optimized for use with Sinarback digital backs. The asymmetric swing and tilt axes can be displayed in the live image of the Sinar CaptureShop™, allowing an easy and pixel-accurate positioning of the plane of sharpness. In addition, an accessory standard, tailored to the size and to the adjustment range, is available for bellows extensions or for the use of a bellows as a lens hood.

The Sinar p3 is fully integrated into Sinar modular system. This means that the 4×5” carrier frame and digital accessories of the Sinar p2 can be attached to the Sinar p3 by means of a tapered bellows and effortless ease. This also applies to the use of Sinar digital back adapters as well as the Sinar Macroscan for greatly increased resolution (up to 144 million pixels) and a greater digital imaging area (up to 6×6 cm). It also applies to the use of a Sinar p3 for chemical photography with roll film holders and sheet film up to 4×5”.


  • Ideal for digital studio photography. With the auxiliary of a Sliding adapter also suited for photography on 120 and 220 roll film.
  • The yaw-free design of the Sinar p3 lets you combine swings and tilts with no time-consuming readjustments.
  • The Sinar p3 is based on the unique asymmetric tilts and swings, not the traditional center or base tilts. This means rapid and precise settings, without ever loosing sharpness on the axis.
  • You can calculate exact swings and tilts in seconds using the asymmetric movements and measuring scales. You won´t have to guess at your movements anymore, and it´s fast – very fast. How?
  • All Sinar p3 movements are gear driven and feature zero position click stops.
  • The Sinar p3´s precision micrometer drives are smooth and self-locking. Once a movement is set, it stays. You get easy one-hand operation, and no more wrestling with locking knobs.
  • Depth of field calculator tells you exactly how much depth of field you need for your image, forever eliminating excessive stopping down.
  • Compatible with the proven Sinar System of accessories.
  • Accepts all Sinaron and Sinaron Digital CMV lenses that can be mounted on a 100 mm lens board. When used in conjunction of a Sinar m camera also all Sinaron Digital CAB lenses mounted on a 100 mm lens board can be used.

Technical Data

Sinar p3-df

  • Camera format: 100 mm
  • Vertical shifts: +4cm to -2cm
  • Horizontal shifts: Left 3cm to Right 5cm
  • Coarse tilt: ±45°
  • Fine tilt: ±19°
  • Swing: ±50°
  • Fine focus: 5 cm
  • Bellows extensions with Multipurpose Bellows: 2 to 15 cm
  • Weight: 5.2 kg
  • Lenses: Sinaron CEF, CMV, CAB, eShutter

Product Range

Sinar p3-df (491.82.000)
Sinar p3-df SL basic (491.82.015)
Sinar p3-df RV (491.82.020)