Capture Flow

Capture Flow – the Latest Technology and Straight-Through Color Management

Integrated Color-Management
Thanks to CaptureFlow’s integrated color-management solution, the highest professional color accuracy and image quality results.

True Color Live Image
The legendary Sinar live image, using CaptureFlow color-management, displays high quality accurate color.
Gridlines as well as tilt-swing-axis can be adjusted to fl exible sizing.

Overlay Function
Precise positioning of the subject according to a design layout is supported with the overlay function. JPEG files can be projected offering useful camera set-up functionalities.

3 Focus Points
For quality focus set-up, three active focus points are possible, a single focus point, or in combination displaying three live focus areas.

Comparative View
In the comparative view four images can be displayed at once – side by side or one above the other. The loupe function can be activated on one or on all the images.

Image Export
Sinar CaptureFlow can export images in RGB or ready to print CMYK-encoding. Rendering intent, fi le format, sharpening filters, data names and color depth can be applied as a specifi c export process.

User Interface
Software tools can be positioned according to individual preferences. CaptureFlow offers the possibility to operate from two displays.

Camera Calibration
Best image results are achieved by color calibration of the digitalback – new calibrations are necessary when lighting conditions are changed. CaptureFlow offers color calibration in a four step process.

CaptureFlow allows for a shading potential during capture and or processed later if required to correct color or unbalanced lighting fall-off. The shading correction can be selected from four different strengths.