SCP – Sinar Care Protection

Warranty with Full Service

This unique “All-Around Worry-Free Full-Service” offer for Sinar Digital Backs heralds a new dimension in the performance of digital products, because it is refreshingly and thoroughly different from all other currently available warranties. The SCP safeguards complete value retention of the photographer’s investment for many years, providing him or her with the peace of mind of completely risk-free operation.

Sinar covers all the costs of repairs and shipping and offers a free-of-charge exchange for a new digital back to suit your needs (after 12 months at the earliest). The user thus gains the ability to work continuously with the latest technology, without having to worry about further investments. Sinar also practically eliminates downtime caused by repairs by providing free-of-charge, uncomplicated and very fast product replacement.

  • Value Retention
    SCP is based on the 100% billing of the yearly premium, which provides the user with the complete value retention of the digital back.
  • Service Book
    All service work is registered in the service book of the digital back and is covered by a worldwide guarantee.
  • Transferable
    The entries of all service work and yearly premiums in the Service Book can be transferred to the next buyer of the digital back.
  • Secure Investment
    Future large investments are eliminated and current operting costs can be planned and budgeted accurately.
  • Free-of-charge Replacement
    The SCP customer has access to free-ofcharge equipment replacement. There are no additional charges for shipping or customs duties.
  • Overview of Costs
    Fixed moderate yearly premiums provide convenient cost control while pre-financing your next digital back at the same time.
  • Support
    E-mail and telephone support is available to you free of charge via your authorized dealer.
  • Free upgrade
    At any time after only 12 months you are entitled to trade in and to upgrade your equipment.
  • Free of Charge Software Update
    You are entitled at any time to download the latest software version incl. all workflow tools.